LPB Bank improves the e-merchant portal “Medoro”

By developing LPB Bank e-commerce technological solutions and systems, the Bank continues to improve the functionality and visual appearance of the e-merchant portal “Medoro”.

The Bank continuously follows the requirement and needs of entrepreneurs working in e-commerce and using modern and secure website technologies and solutions, as well as implementing the latest trends in content architecture, ergonomics and design, providing users with a convenient display of the portal on smartphones and tablets.

On the main page, there is a brand-new solution – a control panel. It transparently presents payment statistics, the geography of payments, financial analysis and other helpful information for the e-merchant.

At the end of the last year, the Bank successfully implemented the Disputes section, where the user can view complete information about the processes performed, the documents attached to the case, the actions to be taken, the status of the case and the number of days until the closure of the case.

“We are very pleased with the successful launch of the new e-merchant portal “Medoro”. Our main task was to create an intuitive, interactive, visually more attractive portal for the user and ensure the convenience of operation in it. E-merchants will appreciate the portal’s convenience, speed and fully comprehensible navigation. We have made sure that even those e-merchants who use a smartphone can easily review, easily find all payments in one place, and create reports for accountants in different formats,” says Edgars Valmers, Head of e-commerce department.

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